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...And so to Time Lords all I say "Remember me to Gallifrey"

(I think maybe tumblr lost my question when I tried to ask a similar one before? so:) Do you think Hego would listen to your favorite musician if such a thing were possible? -and- Which of her songs do you think might be his favorite or suit him best? 


trying to imagine plagueis listening to lady gaga is just…wow

he’d probably listen to donatella because check out he’s bald, he’s skinny he’s rich and he’s a little bit of a SITH.

I remember that joke, but now that I’ve heard the song it makes considerably more sense! (“the little bit of a sith” lost me previously, as I didn’t consider how that might not be the original line)

As someone fairly ignorant of Gaga, (I don’t listen to mainstream pop much; it’s not a slight against her specifically, although I think her singles skew towards earworm status more than the average for me when I happen to hear them or check out a parody.) I might pick the extraneous lyrics rendition of Edge of Glory, because thematically they are kind of on the edge of realizing the Grand Plan and I find Luceno sometimes excessively sesquipedalian (which is saying something for me; I guess this may be how other people feel about me), plus I’m pretty sure there’s a “dangling on this particular instant in time with you” line that reminds me of the *ahem* death of Tenebrous. But my ill-informed choice is partially because I’m not familiar with too many of her songs and none of the few others I do know seem very fitting. 

…I think one of the posts in my queue is broken. It keeps saying it should post the next time something is supposed to, but it’s been doing that for a while, and when I tried to edit it just now, Tumblr seems to think it’s a link and wouldn’t let me save the edit because “Post cannot be empty” 

It’s not empty; it definitely contains text and pics, but I wasn’t able to edit the actual link proper (just the title) so that it wasn’t blank…


I’m pretty sure at one point I imagined a Master and Apprentice pair doing the “PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME” routine from Monsters Inc. O.o

(Yeah… we were discussing a play)


Send me three characters for ‘wed, bed, behead,’ and I’ll send you three!

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…tbqh, until I saw the Star Wars films (which didn’t happen until 2011*) I’m pretty sure I always thought that in “Attack of the Clones” the clones were commanded by the aggressors and therefore in the wrong. i.e. the clones were the bad guys or else their minions.  

*except for a contextless snippet of the arena scene on Geonosis and I know this only because Christopher. Lee.

heLp i have fallen in adoration for all these sith and i can’t get up

no—no I don’t need assistance from 11-4D 

it’s because of my feelings ok


"I apologize, Master Jedi," he said when he could. "The name of the group was on the tip of my tongue, but I seem to have swallowed it" 

Darth Plagueis, pg 267 of the paperback

Your tags on my page boy post were utterly beautiful. 


(I feel like there should be some sort of smiley or another expression here and yet I have utterly no idea exactly what I think would be appropriate or how to do it.)

This is the first time I’ve gotten random fanmail(!) 

ETA: alternatively a reaction gif might have filled the feeling I was searching for, but alas I do not have one handy.




My medieval servant boy has gone missing. I’ll just use Google to see if I can find him.


Oh bother.


why does someone potentially have the relevant permissions to rename it though? you should prohibit that. add it to your to-do list.